Our company

  • Vision:

Be the top translation services agency in Latin America through customer fidelity, consistent high-quality standards and catering for our customers' unique needs, as well as a high level of motivation amongst our employees.

  • Mission:

We believe in a world without barriers. We are a dynamic and flexible company with the ultimate goal of bridging different cultures and tearing down the barriers of oral and written languages by promoting the construction of strong and lasting bonds between our clients and their audiences, so as to encourage effective communication without cultural interference.
We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering professional and humane quality, effective treatment according to the needs of our customers and a constant pursuit of the Highest Quality. We understand that customer satisfaction is our best advertisement.

  • Values:

Commitment | Ethics | Respect | Appreciation of the Human Capital.

  • Our Staff

Interpreter. Having worked in many positions within the translation and localization industry for several years -and learned from the best- he decided to exploit his passion for this profession and founded Lion Translation Services in order to build a company unlike any other. His obsessions are the Highest Quality in every project and generating a relaxed and easygoing -and still professional- working environment. Leo loves to be in every detail and offers their customers the best service with his trademark friendliness and speed. He has managed to convey this spirit to the whole team.


Mercedes joined LTS in 2014 as a Training Manager. She has been teaching English Language for over 16 years and has a degree in Letters and Pedagogy. In order to keep the level of excellence that characterizes her work, Mercedes constantly helps the LTS team develop their pronunciation skills and their choice of words when answering e-mails. With her signature smile and sweetness, she welcomes new members, and trains and prepares them for production. She has two beautiful and smart kids. Both follow her footsteps and soon we’ll have them as part of our staff.


Martin founded LTS with Leonel. At first, he was responsible for Quality until he was succeeded. Today, he works part-time with Lion on corporate decisions and is devoted to other projects.


Having years of experience in her profession, Florencia leads the finances, legal and taxes areas of Lion Translation Services. She has worked for private clients, leading companies and, since assuming this responsibility, has projected the company to new levels of financial excellence.


Luciano joined LTS in February 2014. He was incorporated to the PMs team and has shown great skills and professionalism. His trademark is the innate talent for interpersonal relationships, combined with his -unadmitted- obsession with total control, which is a cause for jokes within the team. He revolutionized the internal project management, which quickly led him to lead the team of PMs. Luciano has a degree in Journalism and Sports Journalism, which led him to work in his spare time on radios, following one of his passions.


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